With broad AV and IT product and solutions knowledge and visibility to future product and solutions direction, D3, Inc. practices an open source approach towards the many technologies in the marketplace and recommends the best alignment of technology to client needs. D3, Inc.’s business model provides solution and product advice that is not affected by competing agendas: no distributor relationships, no product markups or percentages and no short term thinking.

More and more companies realize the strategic importance of electronics products and systems as a competitive edge. There is also a realization that defining, designing and delivering a successful solution is a combination of complex tasks that cannot be achieved utilizing traditional corporate or traditional third party roles and responsibilities.

D3, Inc. sits on the owner’s side of the table. We engage with clients in a single consultant model, working at a strategic level ensuring that all phases of defining, designing, and delivering a solution are guided by a single vision – the owner’s.  D3, Inc. understands that clients require the services of a technology representative who understands the capabilities of both AV and IT technologies and contributes to the strategic goal, defines and designs an appropriate solution, contributes to optimizing the solution and budget, then delivers the solution in a manner that meets or exceeds expectations.

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