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Michael Epstein - Principal  833-D3ELVNV (333-5868) Ext. 700 mepstein@D3ENLVN.com

Michael Epstein - Principal

Mr. Epstein has a proven career as a technical professional and business manager has focused on delivering state-of-the-art audio, video, and control system technologies across the various hospitality, gaming, commercial, professional and education markets. He strives to leverage more than 20 years of combined entrepreneurial spirit and management skills to design and deploy processes providing technology consulting and project management services within the ever-changing technology industry while maintaining the values necessary to be successful.

833-D3ELVNV (333-5868) Ext. 700

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Michael Palmer - A/V Systems Designer 833-D3ELVNV (333-5868) Ext. 701 mpalmer@D3ENLVN.com

Michael Palmer - A/V Systems Designer

Mr. Palmer has over 12 years of experience in the Audio/Video, Low Voltage and Systems Control design industry. Prior to joining D3, Inc, he spent his time designing, installing and managing systems in some of Las Vegas’ largest hotels, casinos and convention centers. His hands-on knowledge and attention to detail have helped in driving D3, Inc. to become the solution of choice among many property owners.

833-D3ELVNV (333-5868) Ext. 701

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Nick Jensen - Project Director

Mr. Jensen has over 18 years of experience in the Low Voltage and Systems Control design industry. Prior to joining D3, Inc, he spent his time developing a successful integration company catering to commercial, hospitality and high-end residential markets. Most recently, overseeing ownership of AV, Digital Signage, Hospitality and Lighting for a nationwide US-based casino operator.

833-D3ELVNV (333-5868) Ext. 705

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marc-d-veltri 3

Marc D. Veltri - Director of Marketing

Mr. Veltri has a proven career as a business marketing, promotions, development, and management professional with 25 years of experience in key aspects of marketing, developing, promoting and managing successful businesses. Successful in developing marketing campaigns and strategies which resulted in increased sales activity and market share. Working knowledge of a wide array of industries with the ability to tailor efforts to maximize sales potentials. Ability to provide personal service by creating professional relationships with clients in all aspects of customer/vendor relationships. Comprehensive knowledge of marketing collaterals: brainstorm, research, development and design and the facilitation of the production process. Effective planning and execution of concise marketing campaigns in accordance with budgetary constraints.

833-D3ELVNV (333-5868) Ext. 703

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