In recent years, electronic products, from computers to smart phones to cameras to a myriad of other personal and commercial products, have undergone an unprecedented expansion of offerings, with no decline in the pace of change. The commercial applications of audio, video, lighting and control systems integrated in an IP network have evolved and expanded exponentially. Unfortunately, the ability of organizations to assimilate, plan and deliver on those offerings and applications has not kept pace.

D3, Inc. engages with clients in a single owner’s representative model, replacing the traditional integration business model, working at a strategic level ensuring that all phases of defining, designing, and delivering solutions are guided by a single vision – the owners.

The business model of traditional audio visual integration firms is outdated. Most integrators:

  • Are not involved at a strategic level in defining client expectations
  • Rely upon familiar products to define a solution, unable to match possibly better products to a customer’s system
  • Fail to offer solutions that exploit the power and flexibility in IP networking
  • Employ sub-contracting methodology that creates challenges and potential failures caused by poor communications among all
  • Miss the expectations of owners due to project management that lacks coordination among all parties

The void between the potential and the reality is growing wider, and solutions in the future require rare vision and the demanding ability to speak multiple technology languages in order to create a strategic advantage for clients. It is D3, Inc. who fills that void.

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