LUCI – Everything, Everywhere, just click!

LUCI allows you to effortlessly control your entire audio visual digital platforms with just the touch of a button. Instantly curate music, schedule Monday Night Football and manage your marketing message. LUCI simplifies AV in an IT World.

What is LUCI?


LUCI is the logical and elegant way to integrate, automate and operate digital media platforms within your organization, brought together with a simple user interface. Drastically reduce hardware, software and infrastructure complexities. LUCI reduces reliance on specialists, increases operational efficiencies and defines the technology strategy for your future.

Historically digital platforms like AV (Audio Visual), IT (Information Technology), BMS (Building Management Systems) and Lighting exist in isolation, separate worlds within an organization. The inclusive nature of LUCI creates the ability to maneuver within a single hardware and software infrastructure while providing the ability to reliability operate, monitor and scale indefinitely. Utilizing proven technology, LUCI strategically eliminates the challenges of technology convergence.

How does LUCI create value?


The LUCI strategy, product and solution support your mission to accelerate beyond norms, maximize the potential of the future and produce exceptional ROI. These priorities allow you to focus on what you do best: entertain, inform and connect with your clients like never before.


A unified perspective of owners, operators and integrators, LUCI creates organizational alignment across all departments. Built on a better design, LUCI allows options of sociability for implementation and compatibility with audio-video sources.


LUCI is the expert at your side, placing in your hands the power of control to make predictive scheduling, selection and marketing deployment decisions.


Empower your team to manage, distribute and control all audio, visual and digital information with a simple user interface. Open source standardization ensures LUCI functions perfectly with any OS. With a phone, tablet or workstation, you are in control.


Reduce on average 80% of your proprietary hardware dependency. LUCI creates a network of digital media distributed over standard infrastructure to endpoints within your organization.

Benefits Include

Remote Management

Take control on the go, or manage and monitor from the convenience of your desk.

Dynamic Presets

Happy with your media layout? Take a snapshot of the entire system and use it as a preset, or schedule for later.

Schedule Presets

Create daily, weekly or monthly events, or use a snapshot to break free and automate the repetitive and mundane tasks.

User Management

Increase accountability by limiting end-user access to sources, presets and endpoints with filter and access rights capabilities.


Stay flexible with media sources, visualization and automation needs. Whether casino jackpots or localized weather warnings, you are empowered to brilliantly direct the outcome of your messaging.

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