LUCI – Everything, Everywhere

For decades, AV, IT, Lighting and Building Management Systems existed and were managed separately within their own silos and infrastructures within an organization. Those limitations are now a thing of the past. The centralized nature of a converged environment allows administrators the enhanced ability to maneuver within a single infrastructure and gives them much more reliability to operate, monitor and scale accordingly. Utilizing proven technology within these industries, D3, Inc. has developed a solution, “LUCI” (Logical User Control Interface), that strategically eliminates the challenges of technology convergence. D3, Inc. has teamed up with the industry’s top systems programmers to create the LUCI interface that advances technology and reduces costs. The LUCI solution offers a low cost, long-term solution by utilizing “off-the-shelf” non-proprietary components. The many benefits of LUCI include:
  • Non-proprietary equipment
  • No upfront license fees
  • No recurring fees and subscriptions
  • Reduced capital expenditures
  • Reduced operational expenditures cost reduction
  • Increased ROI
  • Consolidated networks
  • Utilizes most open source platforms
For more information or to schedule a demonstration of LUCI please contact D3, INC at 1-833-333-5868 or Click here to download LUCI brochure.